ATTENTION: For Those Who Struggle Understanding Muscles...
Muscle Memory Sprint
How Any Trainee Fitness Professional Can Remember Everything To Do With Muscles In As Little As 15-Minutes Every Day
(Without Getting Overwhelmed Or Forgetting Everything Soon As You Read It)
  • Gives You The Confidence To Do Well On Any Muscle Question
  • How To Learn EVERY Muscle You Need To Know For Your Exam
  • Escape From The Worry And Stress About Muscle Questions And Failing Your A&P Exam
  •  Makes It Easy To Crush Your A&P Exam
"How many muscles?"
Yep you need to know 26 muscle for Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology 

and 50 muscles for your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam. The chances are you've taken one look at the MUSCLES section and closed the manual again. 

Am I right?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with dozens of muscles to remember, their location, the joints crossed, their origins and insertions plus what each muscle actually does in relation to exercise.

Leaving you staring at your course manual, and endless Latin words for hours on end, whilst nothing seems to go in.

You are not alone…

Most trainee fitness peeps find it frustrating to learn muscles reading from their manual.

Consider the possibility that learning the muscles for your exam doesn't need to be laborious repetition of reading the same table in your manual over and over again.

In order to remember everything. You MUST use all three approaches to learning.

*Visual [sight] *Auditory [Hearing] *Kinaesthetic [touch]

Likely has it. You're only learning visually. This is the problem with relying only on the manual or google. 

Imagine for a second I asked you "What the colour was of the front door on your first ever house?"

You will seek for a visual image, recall opening the door and hear yourself saying the colour.

Your brain used all three learning approached to recall the information. 

It's EXACTLY the same when it comes to recalling the muscles in your revision and anatomy exams. 

You MUST be able to recall the muscle image [visual]. Have someone teach you the knwoeldge [auditory]. And get yourself involved to feel each muscle [touch].

Only then will all the muscles be remembered. 

This is exactly what the Muscle Memory Sprint will do

We'll teach you everything you need to know about each muscle via MP4 download. Meaning you can revise offline and ANYWHERE.

Now you get the correct pronunciations and can be rest assured what you are learning is mapped to your exam. 

You'll also get:

✔️ a clear image of the muscle
✔️ highlight the location of each muscle 
✔️The joints crossed & joint actions
✔️Clear, easy to remember origins & insertions 
✔️What each muscle actually does in relation to exercise
✔️ A muscle memory cheat sheet and mock questions

The KEY part. You'll be learning via all 3-appeoaches. As a result you'll learn muscles tons quicker than ever before and all this NEW knowledge will stick ready for your exam day.

Finally. The Level 2 and 3 Muscle Memory Sprint is mapped to the Active IQ, YMCA, CYQ, Focus Awards, VTCT, Future Fit and NASM syllabus, making sure you are learning exactly what you need to for your exam.
We've made learning stress free and fun.
 We’ll actually tell you which muscle groups appear most in your exam.
So rather than get overwhelmed and lost within your own notes, we’ve made it super simple
Introducing the Muscle Memory Sprint
“5 Revision Stations To Learn, Revise And Pass EVERY Muscle Question In Your Anatomy & Physiology Exam”
Just like a bootcamp Circuit has workout stations... 
the Level 2/3 Muscle Memory Sprint Bootcamp takes you through 5 Revision stations to organise, Teach You and Build confidence.
This station will help you use your revision mastery bootcamp in the best possible way and see results quickly.

Here you can see exactly what is involved to make your revision and exam preparation a success. It is a helicopter view of everything you can expect throughout your bootcamp and how to make the most of your study time.
Many learners struggle with scheduling their revision and taking action throughout the week.

You'll get an easy to follow 4 & 8-week revision schedule.
This outlines EXACTLY what to do and when. What video tutorials to watch, cheat sheets too complete, mock questions etc... there's no more guessing.

Plus a downloadable Weekly Revision Planner to get super focused. These done-for-you schedules SAVE you tons of time guessing what to learn and when. 

Simply download them and take action.
You can use these planners to finally hold yourself accountable to take action.
Let's make learning easier again... 
Inside your muscle memory sprint you can opt into a 28-day email series. 

Every day (for 28-days) you'll get an email with 1-muscle/or muscle group flashcard, key knowledge and the accompanying MP3 to download. 

Meaning you can drip-feed your learning and NEVER get overwhelmed.
Next up...
 This short training shows you "how to learn, revise & remember everything for your exam day".

If you're like most people? you weren't taught how to learn or it's been a long time since you were last in the classroom. That's OK

This "Learning Secrets" training guides you to learning effectively with maximum productivity.
Upon enrollment up you'll get your own Parallel Coaching Academy login within minutes. If you already have a login, your Muscle Sprint will be added to the same account.

This is a 100% digital product.
There are 4 zones breaking up all the muscles you MUST know ready for your exam in one logical organised place. 
Each Zone Has The Perfect Solution If You Want To Remember Everything To Do With Muscle
Each Muscle Zone clearly highlights:
✔️ a clear image of the muscle 
✔️ highlights the location of each muscle 
✔️ The joints crossed & joint actions
✔️ Clear, easy to remember origins & insertions 
✔️ What each muscle actually does in relation to exercise
✔️A downloadable MP3 audio explaining everything about that muscle and/or muscle group.
Pre-made your muscle revision flashcards.
You'll get immediate access to all 50 muscle memory flashcards.

At level 2 A&P you only need to know 26 muscles and then all 50 muscle for level 3 A&P.

If you're going straight onto a level 3 qualification... the sprint has you covered. 
These simple yet highly effective flashcards come with a "HOW TO GUIDE" and clear instructions so you can use them immediately.

Simply download them to your computer, phone or even print them… 

Now you can spend as little as 5-minutes each day reviewing the crux information without getting bogged down with everything else the manual has to throw at you.
Print Your Flashcards For A Surefire Way To Revise Muscles
 MP3 & MP4 Survival Guide
Listen ANYWHERE, anytime:
There are 20 downloadable MP3 audios, meaning you can revise ANYWHERE, anytime without WIFI.

Each audio lasts approximately 10-minutes and covers the absolute crux information you MUST know ready for your anatomy exam to crush every muscle question.
This final piece to your revision strategy really does add clarity and confidence, turning this tough muscle topic into a quick and easy one.

Leaving you knowing rather than guessing and guiding you towards the muscles that typically come up time and time again in the Level 2 and 3 A&P exams.
Instant Passing Hacks
Exam day can be stressful and having an exam strategy is a MUST
You'll get a clear checklist to break down EVERY exam question whether it's easy or super tough.

You can now be 100% confident of the right answer to any question in 5 Simple Steps

Meaning you walk out of the exam confident you have passed.
Mock Questions
Download hundreds of Level 2 and 3 Anatomy & Physiology Mock Questions and quizzes to test your knowledge.
You also get downloadable cheat sheets, challenges and unseen mock questions to test your knowledge.
Making sure you understand the structure and type of questions you'll get on exam day.
Say GOOD-BYE to having no support.

There are several ways to reach out... regardless of which one you choose we have a 24 hour maximum turn-around policy. Meaning you get answers to your questions pretty much the same day.
You'll go straight through to Hayley, who is the main tutor in the Muscle Memory Sprint Bootcamp. 

No question is too small, BIG, silly or complex, please ask away. That's what we're here for...
Join Our "Inner Circle" group...
This is a safe place to ask questions, support others and celebrate when you pass your exam. Join our Facebook Inner Circle with 100's of other learners just like you.

The Parallel Coaching Team are in here daily, uploading videos, questions, and articles to constantly progress you. 
Muscle Memory Sprint
“EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise And Pass Your Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Exam”
(Without Having To Spend Hours Revising Or Feeling Overwhelmed)
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I'm studying with another Training Provider - will this bootcamp be suitable?
YES, 100% - The Level 2 & 3 Muscle Memory Sprint is mapped against all leading awarding bodies including  Active IQ, CYQ, VTCT, Future Fit, Focus Awards, YMCA and NASM exams.

If you find learning and revision tough, can't get to grips with your course manual or clunky online learning then join 8000+ other fitpros that have used this Muscle Memory Sprint to pass their exam first time or on their next resist.
Is this Level 2 & 3 Muscle Memory Sprint appropriate for me?
If you find learning and revising from a course manual tough, frustrating and hard to absorb, this interactive revision bootcamp will 100% help! 

If you are currently studying for any Level 2 or 3 Anatomy & Physiology exam, maybe it’s for a fitness course qualification, within health, well being or as part of your GCSE or A-Level studies… 

These done-for-you flashcards, audios and cheat sheets will guide your revision to a confident pass!
Is there an assessment?
There is no assessment for the Level 2 & 3 Muscle Memory Sprint.
It is designed to leave you competent and confident for your Level 2 or 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam, with your current training provider.
What will I learn?
Each flashcard can be downloaded alongside an MP3 audio and cheat sheets outlining EXACTLY what you must know for each muscle.

There are 26 muscles for Level 2 A&P and 50 muscles for Level 3 A&P.

Each audio is approximately 10-minutes long and details the complete “Ins & Outs” of a muscle and muscle group.

Each video is interactive, works alongside the downloadable cheat sheet and maps directly to Active IQ, CYQ, VTCT, Future Fit, Focus Awards, YMCA and NASM exams.
Do I need internet to access the Revision Course
All of the resources are housed on our secure membership area, so you will need internet access to gain access to the modules.
HOWEVER, you are able to download each video straight to MP3 or MP4, allowing you to save it to your phone/ tablet/laptop and watch or listen over and over, even without internet access.

Lots of students have used this when working out, driving, going for a walk… You can save time, so there is no excuses stopping you from passing your exam first time with confidence.
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