Become A Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor And Spice Up Your Client Sessions...
Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor - 1 day course
Everyone's talking about Suspension Training, right?

We all know that suspension training is great for challenging stability, and doing functional movements. What almost no fitness professional understands about suspension training is how to plan and instruct the workouts safely with CONFIDENCE in a way that gets the client the GOAL every time.

There is one formative assessment that is completed during the 1 day in Milton Keynes - no homework.
“EVERYTHING You Need To Become A Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor"
The content of this Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor includes:
Certification To Instruct Suspension Training To Clients
Upon full completion you will receive a Parallel Coaching Certificate in Suspension Training Instruction.

This certificate is awarded at the end of our 1 day face to face course in our Milton Keynes Academy.

Once certified you can plan and deliver suspension training to 121, semi-private and group based clients
and get insurance to cover you.
1x Full-day Training With Us In Our Milton Keynes Academy
The 1 day workshop is fully practical with a chance to meet a room full of LIKE -MINDED fitness professionals that all want to accelerate their fitness career and add another level to their coaching skills.

You will learn 12+ exercises with the Suspension Training Kit, plus variations and a range of coaching cues, so you instruct and coach your client at an OUTSTANDING level on all exercises.

You'll also learn how to plan an effective workout using the suspension trainer to get the client goal; with the focus being on developing you as a CONFIDENT COACH.
Course Manual outlining EVERYTHING you need know
(£99 Value)
The course manual is posted within 24 hours of enrolling.

The Parallel Coaching manual outlines 12 exercises in-depth, with clear notes so you can REPLICATE everything you learn on course, with your clients;
and refer back to your notes time and time again.

Literally copy the clear TEACHING POINTS from the manual and add your own notes during the workshop.

The manual also includes example anchor point set ups and reminders about key safety aspects and training variables.

 Bonus 1: Unlimited Student Support
(£19 Value)
Say GOOD-BYE to having no support

There are several ways to reach out, regardless of which one you choose we have a 24 hour maximum turn-around policy. Meaning you get answers to your questions pretty much the same day.

You'll go straight through to Hayley and Neale, who are the main tutors for the Suspension Training Certification.

No question too small, big, silly or complex, please ask away. That's what we're here for.
 Bonus 2: Lifetime Access To Our FB Group
(£Priceless Value)
This is a safe place to ask questions, support others and celebrate when you pass your exam. Join our Facebook Inner Circle with 1000's of other learners just like you.

The Parallel Coaching Team are in here daily, uploading videos, questions and articles to constantly progress you. 
The prerequisite is a minimum of/or one of the following:

👉 Level 2 Fitness Instructor or Level 2 Exercise to music

What certificates will I receive?
🎓 Parallel Coaching Level 2 Certificate In Suspension Training

What Assessments are there?
Practical Assessment 1x: the instruction of 3 different suspension exercises
[This is completed on course with us]

Is this qualification recognised?
Yes. This course can be used to adequately insure you as a fitness professional to plan and deliver suspension training to your clients; either 121, semi-private and group based
Next Dates + Price: 
Enroll throughout the September 2021 for £135 and join us live in our Milton Keynes Academy for your CPD Course.

You can enroll below and secure your place

Available Course dates include: 

Saturday 9th October
1 Space Remaining

Friday 19th November
4 Spaces Remaining

Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your Happiness. 
Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:
We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.
Payment is taken securely using an online international payment gateway, offering you security and an instant receipt of payment. 

There are NO repeat payments if paid in full.

Or if you prefer to pay monthly, Parallel Coaching will take 2x monthly payment of £67.50. 

By enrolling on the Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor course today, your first payment will be taken today followed by One subsequent monthly payments of £67.50 on the same day next month. 

No further payments are made after this point.

Upon signing up... you'll get an instant receipt of payment and contact from the Parallel Coaching team to welcome you.

Click the link below and Get Started Right Away... 
I'm studying with another Training Provider for my L2 or L3 qualification
- can I do this course to progress?
Yes certainly our Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor Course will progress you as a coach and recap key training variables.
This course is particularly popular with learners that have studied Level 2 / 3 online and are looking to have reassurance that they are instructing clients effectively and to meet other trainee fitness professionals. 
Is this Level 2 Suspension Training Instructor Course appropriate for me?
If you have a Level 2 ETM or Level 2 Fitness instructor (or above) and are keen to expand your exercise library and coaching confidence this is for you.
This course will accelerate your planning and instructing skills on top of an electric day in the classroom with like-minded fitness professionals 
Is there an assessment?
YES... There are one formative assessments that are completed whilst you are training with us on course - so there is no homework.
The assessments are:
 Practical Assessment 1x: the instruction of 3 different Suspension training exercises 
What will I learn?
The day is structured around learning the 12 foundation Suspension Training exercises, as well as all of the variations for those exercises.
You will learn multiple ways of teaching the same exercise so every client can understand and progress their performance.

You will learn how to project your voice, use visual commands and touch to progress performance, as well as learning where to stand and what to say to get the most out of your clients.

There will also be a planning and a business section, so you leave the day knowing how you will implement all of your new skills. 
Do I need to be fit and have experience with Suspension Training before attending?
All abilities are welcome - You don't need to have even used suspension straps before the course, so if you are total newbie then that is totally fine.

We will teach you everything about the suspension training kits, so you don't need any prior knowledge or experience.

You also don't need to be super fit, as this course is about your ability to COACH not your ability to do the exercises. If you are injured or have physical limitations let us know when you sign up so we can make sure you are taken care of.
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