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"How many muscles?"

You need to know 26 muscles for your Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology Exam, the chances are you have taken one look at the MUSCLES section and closed the manual again. 

Am I right?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with dozens of muscles to remember, their location, the joints crossed, what each muscle actually does in relation to exercise and staring at your course manual, and endless Latin words for hours on end, whilst nothing seems to go in...! 

You are not alone…

Most people find it frustrating to learn muscles from reading a book or manual.

Consider the possibility that learning the muscles for your exam doesn't need to be laborious repetition of reading the same table in your manual over and over again.

Most people remember things by using their visual and auditory memory and attaching meaning to what they see and hear. Something every course manuals lacks!

If I ask you what the colour was of the front door on your first ever house. You will seek for a visual image, and hear yourself recalling the colour of the door. Your brain already holds this information, we just don't require it all the time.

Recalling the muscles works the same way, but first you need to construct a visual image so you can recall it during your exam.

This is exactly what these flashcards do. They will give you:

✔️ a clear image of the muscle,  
✔️ the Muscle NAME and LOCATION,
✔️ the JOINTS crossed,
✔️ What each muscle actually does in relation to exercise!

These flashcards are mapped to the Active IQ, CYQ, Focus Awards, Future Fit and VTCT syllabus, making sure you are learning exactly what you need to for your exam.

And on the next page you can upgrade your flashcards to include MP3 audios and an email sprint to drip feed and structure your learning.

We've made learning stress free and fun!
 We’ll actually tell you which muscle groups appear most in your exam!
So rather than get overwhelmed and lost within your own notes, we’ve made it super simple… 
By pre-making your revision muscle flashcards for you!

We've created 26 revision flashcards covering all 26 muscles you MUST know ready for your exam! 

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These simple yet highly effective flashcards come with a "HOW TO GUIDE" and clear instructions so you can use them immediately.

Simply download them to your computer, phone or even print them… now you can spend as little as 5-minutes each day reviewing the crux information without getting bogged down with everything else the manual has to throw at you.
This final piece to your revision strategy really does add clarity and confidence, turning this tough topic into a quick and easy one!
Leaving you knowing rather than guessing and guiding you towards the muscles that typically come up time and time again in the Level 3 A&P exam.
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