L3 A&P Revision bootcamp
SPECIALLY designed for trainee fITPROS taking their level 3 anatomy & physiology exam.
Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Revision Bootcamp
Learn, Revise & Pass Your Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Exam 
In Under 8-hours
Learn, Revise and Feel 100% confident in your knowledge ready for exam day...
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Scroll down ⬇️& Learn the 1 simple tweak that helped me learn and remember anatomy tons quicker...
Confession... My names Hayley Bergman.
... and I L❤️VE Anatomy & Physiology"
Yes I did just say, I ❤️ A&P and I do love revision.

Despite this we have two things in common:

1️⃣ I am a fitness professional. A Personal Trainer by trade.

And I know exactly what it's like to have a manual and clunky learning land on your doorstep with no support.

I know exactly what you mean when you say: 

"I'm Overwhelmed"

2️⃣ I USED TO HATE REVISION (just like you?)
But I know how important revision is. 

And more so I know how important understanding Anatomy & Physiology is to our future success as a  FITPRO.  

At the end of the day... anatomy is all the parts of the human body. And physiology is how all the parts function together. 

How could I ever go on and plan client sessions? 🤷

or deliver safe and effective clients sessions if I didn't know the body and how it works in relation to training🏋🏻‍♀️, nutrition 🍔 and mindset🧠. 

Without a great understanding, I wouldn’t have been able to help thousands of clients transform through fitness 

and more importantly, wouldn’t have gone on to work with thousands of FITPROS like yourself and educate them to feel confident in their knowledge.

I remember all too well how hard learning anatomy and physiology was. 

And I don’t want you to experience the same long hours in front of a manual or clunky online learning,

or re-reading the same paragraphs, feeling overwhelmed and NOT knowing HOW or WHERE to start. 

I felt HORRIBLE and dreaded my exam. That was until I found...
One Simple TWEAK in my revision that
helped me learn and remember anatomy tons quicker
It was in 2006. I'd enrolled on a Personal Trainer course. I had spent little time in the gym itself and came from a dance 💃 and athletic 🏃 background. 

The course manual dropped on my doorstep and WOW😳.

❌ I'm not the fastest reader... 
❌ How on earth would I fit all this revision in... let alone remember it all.
❌ It all felt so overwhelming with very little support...

 I asked myself... "What’s wrong? Why can't I seem to learn and remember this? 
Then I found a SOLUTION
I found a few anatomy videos 🎞 on YouTube that were amazing. These short video tutorials made complex anatomy & physiology topics come to life. 

This made me realise that...
the REAL PROBLEM in my revision was
See 👀. I'm not the only person that thinks so. There are tons of FITPROS who focus on educating their clients via video. For example...
Back to the story...

I had to get a better plan and start using videos to revise.

But there was only a few anatomy and physiology YouTube videos relating to fitness back in 2006. 99% of the anatomy videos were aimed at nurses👩🏼‍⚕️, Dr's or as low as primary school level.

This didn't help me 🙁.

And trying to revise everything from scratch for my level 3 Anatomy exam was hard... DAMN HARD. I'm sure you'd agree?

Do you know what the most frustrating thing was when I sat down to revise?

... I didn't know what to learn, where to start in my revision or exactly what I was being test on.


Some week's I was really focused and other weeks my revision was non-existent.

I had no real plan of action... consequently each revision session felt 🥱 meh! 

It took me ages to learn anything. I'd constantly be re-reading paragraphs from my manual wishing this could just be in a video. 

At least then I could hear how certain words were pronounced.

It literally felt like it went in one ear 👂 and out the other. I felt so stressed and overwhelmed.

I KNEW I had to revise, but didn’t know WHERE to start?

Know the feeling?

Then I had this crazy idea.
A Learn-Smart-Not-Hard IDEA
What if I made my own revision videos 🎥. 

and that's exactly what I did.

I borrowed a camera, researched exactly what was in my exam and started recording myself.

It was cringe worthy 😖... but I soon recited the key parts of the course manual and had my own specific fitness anatomy videos.

Now I could replay and teach myself all of the content quickly and I followed these 3 Steps:
1️⃣  Set out a clear revision plan for 8 weeks
2️⃣  I repeatedly watched my own videos and followed my plan
3️⃣  I tested myself and took notes
The result?
I was over the moon 🌖 I had passed. I was now a fully-fledged FITPRO. But I knew my real learning had only just begun.

And with that I knew in order to continue learning or any future courses I enrolled on must include video and audio as part of the resources. 

I had found MY WAY OF LEARNING. And in just under 8-weeks I passed. 

In fact I was the only one in my class to pass way back in 2006.

It wasn't an easy ride... at first I really struggled and so perhaps my classmates where also in the same boat 🛶. 

So I sent my anatomy revision videos to my classmates and they loved them. They sent me messages saying how much easier their revision was. 

The BEST thing... they all went on to pass confidently.

I went off into the world of fitness. I've worked with thousands of clients (mainly in an exercise referral setting) from all over the world. 

Then back in 2012 I co-founded Parallel Coaching.

I really wanted to help NEW and trainee FITPROs kick-start in fitness with confidence and knowledge. I knew if I struggled learning, others would as well.

That's when I mastered using video and made the latest Level 3 anatomy and physiology Revision Mastery Bootcamp. 

Now... 15 years later and 8000+ trainee fitness peeps have used what I call the "Revision Mastery Bootcamp" to pass their Level 3 A&P exam.  
Revision Is Just Like A Bootcamp Workout
Just Follow a Proven Plan And Enjoy The Result
If you want to get get fitter or loose weight, all you need to do is to follow a time-proven bootcamp workout.

You can't just jump straight into the main workout or just do the exercises you enjoy (and hope you get fit), you MUST know:
How To Plan A Bootcamp Workout:
It’s the same with revision….
Introducing A...
5-Station Revision Bootcamp
If you want to pass your level 3 Anatomy & Physiology exam (even if you are a complete overwhelmed by your revision), follow these 5-stations:
No worries, if you haven’t even started revising yet or your exam is within the next 7-days or if you're training with another provider...

Follow these 5-Revision Bootcamp Stations and you'll have a clear strategy to pass.
Specifically for Overwhelmed Trainee FITPROS Taking a Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Exam
❌ who struggle to revise their course material
❌ who can't seem to remember anything
❌ who don't how to learn and revise
​❌ who feel overwhelmed
​❌ who find it hard to read, let alone pronounce certain anatomy words
​❌ who keep re-reading the same paragraphs and staring at a manual...

I have a message for you...

Inside Your Revision Mastery Bootcamp
EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise & Pass First Time

Station 1


If you consider revision an unpleasant chore… Station 1 shows you exactly what's expected of you in your exam.

You can instantly indulge in the first video tutorial as I walk you through a 10,000ft view of your revision and how to use the revision bootcamp to your BEST advantage.

It’s as easy as working out (but without the sweat and high heart rates). 

All you need is to follow the 5-Bootcamp Stations:

Station 2

Planning & Goal Setting

The best (and the fastest!) way to get AHEAD in your revision is by having a proven plan and achievable revision goals. 
Why? Because without a plan and goals you have nothing to aim for. And I believe that's why so many fitness peeps struggle to stay on track in their revision. 
I've Got a 4 and 8-week PROVEN 
done-for-you revision plan 
Plus a weekly revision schedule that gets your hyper-focused on what you must do each week.

Just pick revision plan & weekly schedule (print it off), easily customise it, fill in the blanks… and voila!
No MORE Wasting time on a plan 
We've done the hard work for you - and it works.
Finally, Station 2 gifts you a  short training: 
Learning Secrets
Here you'll learn how to learn, and how to remember everything

If you're like most people? you weren't taught how to learn or it's been a long time since you were last in the classroom. That's OK.

This "Learning Secrets" training guides you to learning effectively with maximum productivity.

Station 3

Video Tutorials & Cheat Sheets

8x full HD Video Tutorials
This 8-part revision Bootcamp breaks down your entire Level 3 A&P exam.

You can go through the entire course and exam content in under 8-hours. 

This enables you to bypass all revision headaches, and get straight to the crux of what to learn... and more importantly remember it.

Module 1: The Heart & Circulatory System
Module 2: The Muscular System
Module 3: Learn all 50 muscle, Locations, Origins & Insertions, joints crossed.
Module 4: The Body In Motion
Module 5: Posture and Core
Module 6: The Nervous System
Module 7: The Endocrine System
Module 8: The Energy Systems
Each tutorial brings the classroom to your laptop, phone or device.

You can press Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast-forward so you can learn at your pace.

Each tutorial is specifically mapped to your level 3 anatomy & physiology manual and exam.

Meaning this bootcamp is appropriate for all awarding bodies including: Active IQ, YMCA, CYQ, Focus Awards, VTCT, Future Fit and NASM.
8x Level 3 A&P Cheat Sheets
No More Note Taking:
All 8x tutorials come with a CHEAT SHEET. These are right next to each tutorial and easily downloadable. Use these to test your knowledge and as you watch.

Each cheat sheet picks out the key points and highlights EXACTLY what you must know ready for your exam. 

Plus that have unseen mock questions to test your knowledge.
 MP3 & MP4 Survival Guide
Listen ANYWHERE, anytime:
 All 8x tutorials can be downloaded to MP3 and MP4 for both iPhone and Android users... you also get a "Non-Techy Guide" to make downloading easy.

Download & listen without WiFi and make the most of your time. Such as whilst walking the dog, commuting to work or even in a lunch break at work.

TAKE ACTION daily and top trump your current revision efforts.

Station 4

Exam Strategy

Instant Passing Hacks
Exam day can be stressful and having an exam strategy is a MUST
You'll get a clear checklist to break down EVERY exam question whether it's easy or super tough.

You can now be 100% confident of the right answer to any question in 5 Simple Steps

Meaning you walk out of the exam confident you have passed.

Station 5

Test Your Knowledge

Mock Questions
Exam day can be stressful and having an exam strategy is a MUST
You'll get a clear checklist to break down EVERY exam question whether it's easy or super tough.

You can now be 100% confident of the right answer to any question in 5 Simple Steps

Meaning you walk out of the exam confident you have passed.
Download 101 Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Mock Questions and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Making sure you understand the structure and type of questions you'll get on exam day.
the “L3 Anatomy & Physiology Revision Bootcamp" IS NOT...
❌ Not another course or qualification  with more exams.
❌ Not more boring monotone clunky online learning.
❌ Not based on no (or very little) experience
It’s a 5-Station Revision Bootcamp that get's you crystal clear on what to learn and when.

You'll get 8x video tutorials, cheat sheets, our proven KINGS formula to unpick the toughest of exam questions and hundreds of mock questions. 
There's NO more guessing inside your revision...
Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Get Your Revision Mastery Bootcamps 
To Learn, Revise And Pass Your Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Exam in 8-hours
✔️ Station 1: The BIG Picture (value £19)
✔️ Station 2: Planning & Goal Setting (value £29)
✔️ Station 3: Video Tutorials, Cheat Sheets & MP3/4's (value £79)
✔️ Station 4: Exam Strategy (value £29)
✔️ Station 5: Test Your Knowledge (value £23)

✔️ Bonus 1: “4/7” Support (value priceless)
✔️ Bonus 2: "Inner Circle FB Group (value priceless)

Total Value: £149
SAVE 75% Today
The BAD NEWS is:
the Level 3 A&P Revision Mastery Bootcamp is NOT for everyone
❌ It’s NOT for those who already understand Anatomy & Physiology
❌ It’s NOT for FITPROS who already know how to learn
❌ It’s NOT for Dr. level knowledge
❌ It’s NOT ​for FITPROs who don't value learning
❌ It’s NOT for those who think the A&P exam is just a hoop to jump through...
It's SPECIALLY Designed For Trainee Fitness Peeps
Providing you have a Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology exam or want to top up your knowledge to feel confident:
✅ L3 Personal Trainer
✅ L3 Exercise Referral
✅L3 Pilates
✅ L3 Yoga
✅ L3 Sports Massage
✅ Reflexology
✅ Holistic Massage
✅  Sports Coaching
✅  A-Level P.E.
Enroll Today And Get These BONUSES


24/7 Student Support

Say GOOD-BYE to having no support.
There are several ways to reach out... regardless of which one you choose we have a 24 hour maximum turn-around policy. Meaning you get answers to your questions pretty much the same day.
You'll go straight through to Hayley, who is the main tutor in the Level 3 A&P Revision Mastery Bootcamp. 

No question is too small, BIG, silly or complex, please ask away. That's what we're here for...


Test Your Knowledge

Join Our "Inner Circle" group...
This is a safe place to ask questions, support others and celebrate when you pass your exam. Join our Facebook Inner Circle with 100's of other learners just like you.
The Parallel Coaching Team are in here daily, uploading videos, questions, and articles to constantly progress you. 
Trainee FITPROS have used the Level 3 A&P to pass their exam first time
Maybe you're learning with another training provider?
90% of those who enroll are from other training providers who want more guidance, more support and more confidence
See What Other learners Are Saying About The Level 3 Anatomy Revision Bootcamp 
Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your Happiness. 
This means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. 

Just reach out to our customer happiness team:

We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.
"You made it so simple to follow... thank you so much" - Rich G
"I wish I'd have found you sooner... you've saved my entire course" - Rebecca T
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm studying with another Training Provider - will this bootcamp be suitable?
YES, 100% 

The Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mastery Bootcamp is mapped against all leading awarding bodies including  Active IQ, CYQ, VTCT, Future Fit, Focus Awards, YMCA, Transcend Awards and NASM exams.

If you find learning and revision tough, can't get to grips with your course manual or clunky online learning then join 8000+ other FITPROS that have used this revision bootcamp to pass their exam first time or on their next resist.
Is this Level 3 A&P Revision Bootcamp appropriate for me?
If you find learning and revising from a course manual tough, frustrating and hard to absorb, this interactive revision bootcamp will 100% help.

If you are currently studying for any Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology exam, maybe it’s for a fitness course qualification, within health, well being or as part of your GCSE or A-Level studies… 

These 8 modules will guide your revision to a confident pass.
Is there an assessment?
There is no assessment for the L3 A&P Revision Mastery Bootcamp.
It is designed to leave you competent and confident for your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam, with your current training provider.
What will I learn?
Each module has 1 video, 1 cheat sheet and can easily be downloaded to MP3/MP4.

Each video is approximately 45-60 minutes long and details the complete “Ins & Outs” of the Level 3 A&P section of your course. 

Each video is interactive, works alongside the downloadable cheat sheet and maps directly to Active IQ, CYQ, VTCT, Future Fit, Focus Awards, YMCA and NASM exams.
Do I need internet to access the Revision Bootcamp 
All of the resources are housed on our secure membership area, so you will need internet access to gain access to the modules.
HOWEVER, you are able to download each video straight to MP3 or MP4, allowing you to save it to your phone/ tablet/laptop and watch or listen over and over, even without internet access.

Lots of students have used this when working out, driving, going for a walk… You can save time, so there is no excuses stopping you from passing your exam first time with confidence.
Click the RED link above... input your details and you'll be enrolled and revising 5-minutes from now.

Payment is taken securely using an online international payment gateway, offering you security and an instant receipt of payment. 

There are NO repeat payments or monthly fees

Upon signing up... You get Instant & Lifetime Access to the Parallel Coaching Academy. 

Your login details are sent immediately via email and you can start revising 5-minutes from now.

Fill out the form above and Get Started Right Away... 

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