The World's #1 Fitness Professional Start-Up Kit
... it's time to get clear.... and kick-start.


All the documents & forms you need to  Set Up & start training clients Immediately 

(Without The Hassle Of Creating Them From Scratch).

The FitPro Start-Up Kit


FitPro Start-Up Kit is for Fitness Professionals who want to: 

  • Have all the documents, forms and templates from the 'GET GO' to ensure they can operate legally, safely, and support clients with 5* service​
  • ​Have all the documents and forms looking professional and branded the same.
  • ​Have NO hassle or guessing of what documents and forms they need.

Get Clarity

The exact documents and forms you need to set-up and support yourself and clients from day 1.

34x Done for you documents, forms, templates that can be personalised in minutes. No more staring at a blank screen or trying to reinvent the wheel.

Drag & Drop

Hit Download, Drag Your Logo In, Drop Any Personalised Info... Print!

Unlimited access to the Academy Portal and the Parallel Team. We'll hold your hand through every step and build your confidence. You’ll feel calm and confident knowing you have everything you need to set up, kick-start and support yourself and your clients.

What Docs, Forms & Templates Do I Get:


1️⃣ PARQ Template
 2️⃣ Client Trainer Agreement Template
3️⃣ Informed Consent Template
4️⃣ Programme Card Template 
5️⃣ Who can I work with guide


How to Structure Your First 1-2-1 Sessions
BMI and BMR calculator (excel)
Client Tracker Form
GP/Dr Referral Letter
Healthy Eating Portion Tally Chart
Macro Nutrient Calculator
RPE Scale
12-Week Weight tracker/predictor Chart
The Ultimate Guide To Programming


Body MOT measurement template
Body MOT Report template
Body Stat Analysis Template
Squat Analysis Assessment and Protocol
Fitness Questionnaire Template
Fitness Testing Template
Food Diary Template
Lifestyle Indicator Template
Pain summary template
Nutrition analysis questionnaire


Business Plan – 12 month cash flow forecast
Business Plan Template
Email List Opt-in-Sequence template
GDPR & Privacy Policy Statement
Bring a Friend Strategy guide
Client Testimonial Guide
Ideal Client Avatar template
Invoice Template For Non-VAT businesses
Social Media Calendar template (excel)
The Ultimate Guide To Attracting My Ideal Client
Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your Happiness. 

Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:
We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.

“Starting Out, Wondering What Documents, Forms & Paperwork You Need? 
We've Done The Heavy Lifting For You... Literally Download, Copy & Paste Your Logo & You're All Set."

We know that in health and fitness, there’s no “magic pill 💊”, but there are predictable ways to lose fat, gain muscle, increase endurance, and look and feel our best. The same is true for kick-starting a fitness business.

The FitPro Start-Up Kit — is your sure-fired predictable way to set yourself up with confidence.

You'll save time, energy and effort as you no longer have to guess what forms and documents you need. This puts you in the driver’s seat and let's you get on with what you do best... TRAIN CLIENTS 🏋️‍♀️.
Get an unfair advantage over your competitors and guarantee your success by DOWNLOADING the exact documents, forms and templates to kick-start your business, support your clients and have 10 out of 10 confidence.

As you download each template into word or excel, you’ll have everything you need to get your business functioning like a well-oiled machine.  All you have to do, is drop your logo in and add any personal details about your service, product or clients... but we'll even show you where all this info goes.

How cool is that - ah?


There are no deadlines to complete and you have lifetime access. So if you’re working a full time job (or you’re a full time parent) — you can go at your own pace.

That said, if you’re ready to make a rapid change and finish setting up all the docs and forms you need in the next 24 to 48 hours, then go right ahead. In fact, previous learners have 'binged downloaded' and set up in a matter of hours. 
Here’s what a typical download session might look like:
  •  Step 1. Login into the Parallel Academy, select the FitPro Start-Up Kit
  • Step 2: Select your document, form or template.
  •  Step 3. View online and hit download to any device.
  • ​ Step 4. Open in Microsoft word, excel or PDF - make and changes
  • ​ Step 5. Save, Print, Send and use as necessary.
  • Step 6. Reach out to us at Parallel Coaching for guidance and lifetime updates. 

Each download is immediately applicable, so no matter how much time you’re able to dedicate, you’ll be able to see results immediately.

Many of our students are shocked at how quickly the have their documents looking professional.

When you join the FitPro Start-Up Kit, 
You'll Be Ready, Set & Go in literally No Time.


Built for any and all health, wellbeing and fitness professionals...

Newly qualified trainers through to the veteran fitpro.

PT's, bootcampers, Pilates, Yoga, nutrition and health coaches, you’ll have all the documents you need to start working with clients immediately:

  • ​Want to train and help more clients but don't know where to start or what to do when it comes to creating professional, relevant documents and forms.
  • ​Are wanting to develop their own 'fitness thing' for inside or outside a gym setting and want all the forms looking professional.

Here’s what you don’t need in order to start: 

  • ​You don’t need to be already qualified.
  • ​You don’t need a niche or specialty market.
  • ​You don't NEED to be techy <<<
  • ​You don’t need to have your business set-up (we’ll give you resources for what to do).
  • ​You don’t need to know exactly what you want to offer yet.

“I had searched left, right and centre for a PARQ and other documents, the Start-Up Kit saved me so much time and guessing” - Darren 

You’ve got an important decision to make: Keep Guessing What to Write —or simply download them from us.

99% of fitness pros reach out and ask what documents they need to start training people. 

Or they've downloaded forms from various online groups and none of them match or make sense.

It's time to be in the 1% group - the group that have everything they need, all in one safe secured place.

Now you can be rest assured you have what it takes to kick-start out in fitness and back yourself with all the documents you need without the worry and overwhelm.

Get The FitPro Start-Up Kit


Instant & Lifetime updates
One-time fee - exclusive to the first 50 sign-ups
  • 34x Pre-made, Ready To Go Documents, Forms & Templates
  • 4 Clear Sections: The BIG 5, Client Consultation, Client Management & Business
  • Unlimited Downloads To Any Device
  • BONUS "COACH" Video Training [Value £27]
  • Lifetime Access + Updates
  • Unlimited Student Support
Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your Happiness. 

Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:
We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

We want you to make the right choice for your situation. 

So let’s take a look at some of the common questions we receive:

I'm brand new to fitness or I'm a fitpro veteran - is this still relevant
100% without doubt the FitPro Start-Up Kit is for you. Especially if you are newly qualified and just starting out. 

Ultimately you'll get immediate access to all the documents you need to run a legit and professional fitness business. 
Can I just learn this online for free?
Probably. There’s a seemingly endless amount of information for free on every topic available online if you’re willing to look long and hard enough.

The FitPro Start-Up Kit is not about 'secrets' hidden documents of magical systems. Our material has been carefully selected and improved since 2012 with the help from the feedback of thousands of learners before you. What we've built for you is a set of documents, forms and templates that all correct, professional ready to brand, easy to format and make your own.

These documents and forms are asked for daily by fitness professionals just like you. We've literally done all the hard work for you.
How much support do I get?
The FitPro Start-Up Kit is proud to offer an unprecedented lifetime access as part of your enrollment.
We know walking this road can seem daunting, and we want to ensure you know that you’re never walking it alone. We’re here for you in four different ways.

Quick: Reach out in our closed FB group
Direct: Live chat with the Parallel Coaching team with a quick back and forth is all you need.
Comprehensive: Email us if you’re looking to have a more comprehensive and in-depth conversation.
Accountability: Book phone calls with us as often as you like, or schedule ongoing calls to hold you accountable.

And when we say lifetime, we mean it. We have students from five years ago who still come back to check in and get help.
How much does the FitPro Start-Up Kit cost?
Great question. This is a one-time fee of either £9.99. There are no hidden or extra fees.
What happens after I enroll?
Immediately after enrolling you’ll be sent an email with your login instructions and credentials for the Parallel Coaching Academy.

If you already have a login, the FitPro Start-Up Kit will be added to your existing account.

You'll be added to the closed FB group and gain access to EVERYTHING you need and the Parallel Team to kick-start immediately.
Is my debit/credit card secure?
Good question. 

Absolutely. Parallel Coaching are proud to use Stripe. This takes all major debit and credit cards. All transactions are processed on a server secured with 256-bit ssl – the industry standard for encryption of data online. We never store credit card information. 
Do I need software to use the fitness business kick-starter?
The FitPro Start-Up Kit does not require any software installation to utilize. All study is completed in our online learning environment, the Parallel Coaching Academy... you'll get your own login password and you can access this off any device. 

To access your course simply open your favorite browser and log in to the Academy. Scroll to the FitPro Start-Up Kit and start downloading the template you need right away.
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